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The Cross in Barre, MA


On Saturday, April 12th, a few of us took a ride to The Cross in Barre.   This is such a peaceful and uplifting place.  Soon after arriving we made our way to the Lord’s table that is fashioned out of a large rock.  There, we 04celebrated communion, read scripture and sang together.  What a wonderful way to center ourselves and begin the spiritual journey of Holy Week.

After Mr Harty, The Cross’ creator showed us some video clips about the how and why of this special place, we spent some time wandering the grounds in awe of what Mr. Harty and his “helpers” have made there.  Knowing that it has all been created for the glory of God, many have been willing to donate materials and their time for the construction and upkeep of the site.  If you have not been there, we urge 10you to take some time to make the trip.  It will draw you in and bring you a sense of peace.

This was originally going to be a motorcycle ride for missions but it became evident that it was too early in the season for that.  We hope to reschedule that ride for this summer.  In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to go, The Cross can be found at 33 Harty Road, Barre, MA, a pleasant, 45 minute drive through the country from Belchertown.