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Worship June 5, 2022

Pentecost, Children’s Sunday

Pentecost is this Sunday!

Pentecost Sunday Flame and Dove

Pentecost Sunday

Pentecost Sunday!

Dear companions in Christ:
It is almost here!!! This coming Sunday we are going to confirm five of our youth; AbbieMoss, Nicole Kudrikow, Natalie Martinez, Taylor Partlor, and Justin Vitale. Come and support our youth who have been working since October 2012 on their confirmation process. Come and celebrate with them. If you are able please write a congratulation note to them. We need to encourage and accompany are young ones in their faith journey. They have been wonderful! even doing community work!
Love, Pastor Aida

Town Approves Community Preservation Committee Funding!

Dear companions in Christ:
Monday we witnessed once more the power of team work, presence, prayer and vote!!!! We had an excellent representation at our town meeting. I think we could have celebrated the approval of our grant by singing, but we behaved, and kept the “separation of church and state” respectfully after we heard “passed by majority vote!!!!!” We sang quietly with our hearts. Thank you so much for all your prayers and support for Hope. The Preservation Committee did a great presentation on our behalf. Steve offered a wonderful speech. Thanks to Duane and Steve and to Cathy for writing the proposal and keeping the church informed of the whole process!
Now we can move with lots of hope into the future.
Grace, peace and lots of smiles!
Pastor Aida

Hope’s Place


Hope’s Place meal for May will be Baked Ham, Scalloped Potatoes, corn and green beans. Also, we are preparing vegetarian lasagna, a bright green salad and assorted cookies for desert. If possible, please Volunteer to help with serving, help in the kitchen, setting of tables, and also to clean up. Other donations are always appreciated to give towards the meal. With your donation, please always give a receipt (or if it is a homemade item please attach a dollar value). We need receipts for the financial reporting required by the Loaves and Fishes grant. Please call Kathy Gibson at 413-230-9089 for any questions you may have and to sign up on her special clipboard. Please come join us at 6:00PM and have some fun.
Guest Speaker is: Edward Bock, Belchertown Fire Dept. Chief