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Our New Lift!

We are so pleased to announce that installation and inspection of our new lift is complete and it is fully operational!  We give many thanks to everyone who worked so tirelessly on this project and made it possible for everyone to worship together in the sanctuary on Easter Sunday.  Thank you to Duane Stinchfield who managed the project and was at the church every day in the final weeks overseeing it’s progress.  Thank you to Steve Lanphear who wrote the application for the grant that made the lift possible.  Thank you to Doug Murray

Duane Stinchfield helps Sonya Hawkins onto the new lift.

Duane Stinchfield helps Sonya Hawkins onto the new lift.

for lending his help with the construction, Debbie Dunbar for staying on top of the continual accumulation of dust and debris during construction and to all of the Trustees for their support and assistance.  We also thank Don Lemon, the state inspector who came on short notice to complete the inspection so that we would be operational on Easter Day.

It was wonderful on Easter morning to have Sonya and Addie and Elizabeth in the sanctuary to worship with us.  They are just some of our members who have not been able to be with us or have been watching services from a live feed to the main floor for many weeks.

We look forward to being able to move onto construction of a wheelchair accessible restroom, the next step in becoming a fully handicap accessible church,