Fourth Sunday of Advent #MoreLove

Enjoy our Sunday morning worship for Christmas Eve, the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Hear about more love as the Shepherds hear from the angels.

Don’t let the light go out!


December 17, 2017 Third Sunday of Advent, #MoreJoy

A beautiful, joyful service for the third Sunday of Advent, including the baptism of sweet Harlow.

Advent at Hope UMC

Join us for Advent and Christmas at Hope United Methodist Church!

More Peace, 2nd Sunday of Advent, 2017


Advent Photo Challenge

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, QQ, Tumbler, Google+, Skype, Messenger, Snap Chat, LinkedIn…. if this is part of your world, you have an opportunity this Advent and Christmas to spread the Word!

What’s Up?

Each Sunday in Advent there will be a theme and a hashtag for you to use.  You know the four themes already, right?  Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of course.  Take pictures anytime that week where you experience the theme.  You see a person smiling, full of hope?  Ask them if you can take their picture and then when you post it, and this is the important part, tag it with #MoreHope. You see a beautiful scene that brings you joy, take a picture and tag it #MoreJoy.  You get it!

Each Advent week has a hashtag:  #MoreHope (Dec 3rd), #MorePeace (Dec 10th), #MoreJoy (Dec 17th), #MoreLove (Dec 24th) and there is another one… a special one you can use every week… #DoNotBeAfraid – that one is just like what the angel said to the Shepherds.  It’s all part of the overall theme of this Advent, “Angels Among Us” which BTW is another hashtag!… #AngelsAmongUs

So, SHARE the news by using your favorite social media tool.  Post a picture and add the hash tags (you can add more than one … #MoreJoy #DoNotBeAfraid #AngelsAmongUs).  Join a movement to share the love and joy of Christmas this Advent!

What if you have no clue what all this #HASHTAG stuff means but you want to join in?  That’s easy too, take your pictures and give, email, share, somehow get them to Alice Collins, she’ll post them for you!


Worship December 3, 2017 #MoreHope

The angels that appear in the story of Jesus’ birth would have been very comfortable in our world of tweets and hashtags.  Their messages were often short and to the point – their favorite line being #DoNotBeAfraid.  As we look at the stories of these winged messengers to Zechariah, Mary, Joseph and the Shepherds, we will contemplate what messages we can offer that will fly in the face of a culture of fear and bring more hope, more peace, more joy and more love to the world.

We begin with an angelic visit to Zechariah.  It was just another day at the temple for Zechariah.  It was his priestly turn to make sure everything was done properly and in good order.  But it turned into something quite different when an angel showed up at the altar.

Enjoy the beautiful angels of #MoreHope!