Pastor’s Page

Some words from our pastor, Rev. Joy Toll-Chandler

December 2019

A friend of mine recently started her Facebook post reminding us that Image may contain: Joy Toll, smiling, ocean, outdoor and water(when you sign on to Facebook) it asks you the question: “What’s on your mind?” There’s always so much that goes on in my mind and in my heart at Thanksgiving – especially when we are heading fast into Advent/Christmas right afterwards! Gatherings of family and the sharing of traditions, the busy-ness of Christmas prep, the holiday music that fills the air, and all the decorations… those are the lovely parts, aren’t they?  For some, there’s struggles going on, especially if they are in a time of sorrow and loss. Let’s be aware of all of those around us not just through Thanksgiving, but also through the upcoming month, so that we can offer caring and support where needed and have great times of thankfulness and celebration when that is called for!

Last week, several of us from church attended “A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood”, about the beloved Mr. Rogers, and about a journalist who was going through some difficult times. In his gentle, caring way, Mr. Rogers assures others of their value and unique wonderful-ness just because of who they are. He also helps others to identify and deal with their feelings, even when those are painful. Through his soft-spoken words, and through his simple yet beautiful music, encouragement and caring are shared in a powerful way.  I highly recommend the movie! I know several people who wanted to go were unable to attend, so if a few want to go as a group, I would certainly go again!

I pray that as you journey through the season of Advent, you will be touched with the gentleness of the infant Christ, and that you will be blessed with the love of a God who loves your unique YOU so much that a very special gift came down for you at Christmastime.  We will be remembering the words of the prophets and our various traditions in this holy season; come and worship that we may together prepare to welcome the Christ child.

Pastor Joy