Pastor’s Page

Some words from our pastor, Rev. Joy Toll-Chandler

March 2020

When I attended Christian camp as a teenager, we used to sing a  little song when a guest would come to our island camp: “There’s a welcome here, there’s a welcome here, there’s a Christian welcome here…” They may have been someone known to many at camp, or someone who was just coming for a short visit, but in Christian love and caring, they were warmly welcomed. 

            A couple of weeks ago, our church welcomed a young pastor to the pulpit – and welcomed him well. We were grateful for the message brought to us by Evan McElreath! Keep Evan, and his wife Katie, in your prayers, as they await God’s call and appointment here in New England.

            On March 8th, we will welcome someone at a very different point in their ministry to come and preach… he will be finishing his “official” ministry as he retires this fall – our own Bishop Devadhar, and his wife Prema. Six of us traveled to Greece with them last October, and we are excited to have them join us here for worship – and for our potluck brunch following worship. After we eat, there will be a presentation by the six who went to Greece, with slides, videos, and reflections on the journey (and there will be Greek food on the potluck table!)

            Our hospitality team continues to help us to be open and welcoming – new signs continue to appear around the building (indoors and outdoors), and they also are helping us to observe our own attitudes and responses to one another and to new folks who come to worship or to events in our building. May God continue to help us, during this Lenten season, be true followers of Christ as we reach out and warmly welcome each and every one.

Pastor Joy