Pastor’s Page

Some words from our pastor, Rev. Joy Toll-Chandler

Welcome to Summer worship at Hope!

For the next four weeks, we will be “diving” together – as we look at our lectionary readings from the book of Romans. From the UM Board of Discipleship comes a series called: “The Apostle’s Tale”. Julie and I have met together and chosen music to go along with our weekly sub-themes of freedom, groaning, intercession, and promise.

The flow of this series, as the flow of these scriptures, does not go “up” as much as it goes “deep.” This series is more like a dive from the heights than a climb up the mountain or a journey from point A to point B. It follows the contours of the core themes Paul presents each week, taking us from the height of claiming our freedom from all powers that would seek to claim or control us and restrain the saving love of God (this Sunday), to groaning (not complaining, but joining the heavenly chorus of all who suffer, “How long”) next week, to intercession as a means by which we are both called and empowered to respond to our present dystopias and toxicities, and finally to promise as the solid ground to which we return again after our deep dive, the sure foundation for both claiming and participating in God’s saving work as Christ’s disciples here and now.

The “idea” of the series comes from a popular television show, based on a Margaret Atwood novel, “The Handmaid’s Tale.” We’ll talk a bit about this connection as well.

Let’s dive in together!