Our Service

What is a worship service at Hope like?  How do you participate?  Will you feel welcome (we Hope so!)?

If you want to see an actual service we encourage you to click the Home menu and view some of the services.  We video the entire service so you can see pretty much exactly what goes on!

In a nutshell though, our services start at 10 AM and will last for 1 hour (sometimes a little more if we are doing something special).  There will be a bulletin that the ushers will hand you as you walk in, it has information about the service.  If you have young children that need care, please speak to an usher! We have Nursery care available for young children with a caring attendant and youth helper.

Here’s sort of a typical order of service:

  • Opening Welcome and updates on what’s happening
  • Entering into worship with Music, a prelude and then the choir will sing
  • A gathering responsive reading with the congregation followed by a prayer to bring us into focus
  • A Hymn (we sing a lot!)
  • Next, the children have a message from either the Pastor or a member of the congregation, this is usually related to the scriptures for the day.
  • We pray as a community – prayer is important to us!  The congregation is invited to share prayers of celebration and intersession.
  • We sing another hymn!
  • We have our readings for the service, most likely from the common lectionary
  • Our Choir presents an Anthem.  We are blessed with a vibrant choir and a wonderful director and the music is selected to go with the scripture.  You’ll hear a range of music styles from classical to cake-walks, to gospel.
  • The message – Our Pastor (and sometimes guests) presents a thoughtful, inspiring, funny, sad, deep, you-name-it take on today’s reading.  Sometimes there’s a series of Sundays on a theme, sometimes not.
  • Offering – we invite everyone to share what they can to help with our mission
  • Another Hymn!  Yea!
  • Benediction – the Pastor or leader sets the stage and gets us ready for the week ahead.
  • Musical Postlude – Often an wonderful organ piece, sometimes we have other musicians as well!

All are then invited to come downstairs to our fellowship hall for light refreshments and to continue our time together.

Some Special Times:

Communion – we serve communion on the first Sunday of each month.  United Methodists offer an ‘open table’ to all.  We serve gluten free bread/wafers and grape juice. You’ll be invited to come forward by our ushers to receive but we will be glad to serve you in your pew if you are unable to.