ADA Bathrooms

Our ADA compliant bathrooms were completed in August 2015.  They are located in the “library” area adjacent to the ADA Lift.  There are two unisex bathrooms, one having a shower stall and one without.

This project qualified for a Community Preservation Act [CPA] grant from the Town of Belchertown because the church is designated in the town emergency plan as an emergency shelter.  With the town grant, donations from church members, and a significant amount of volunteer labor, the project was signed off as complete by the Town Building Inspector on August 29th, 2015.

The cost of this project is listed below.

Cash Outlay for framing materials, fixtures and contract services i.e. plumbing, electrical, flooring = $30,671.44
In addition to the cash outlay, an estimated 500 man-hours by volunteers contributed in-kind services.
Church volunteers provided labor for project management, demolition, debris removal,  framing, drywall work, suspended ceilings and exhaust duct installation, finish trim and painting. [500 hrs. x $22.50] =  


                                                                       TOTAL Project Cost =  $41,921.44
Reimbursement Request from CPA Grants balance of 2013 grant     2,465.89
 new 2015 CPA grant  25,000.00
TOTAL Reimbursement from CPA = $27,465.89