An Invitation to help our Military Members

An Open Invitation to the Members of Hope

military1As many of you know, the Normand family has a daughter, and my family, a  son and daughter-in-law, currently serving in Afghanistan in various capacities with the military. That’s a long way from home, especially during the holidays. Pastor Aida suggested to me, that it might be nice for the church to send some “Care Packages” over to these family members and their comrades, for Christmas. If you would like to contribute to this project, I am listing some things that I know will be greatly appreciated.  If items are brought to the church by Sunday, December1, 2013, we can get them packed and shipped by the required date of December 4th.

It is required by customs that all items be listed with weight and cost included. Therefore, if you donate an item, please write on a piece of paper, both the weight and cost of the item.  Home baked items only need approximate weight.  Christmas cards and holiday wishes are also welcomed.  It takes about 7-10 days to make the trip! Whatever you think of, I’m sure will be appreciated.  Please if there are other Hope family members who are currently deployed and away from their families for the holidays, let us know so we can include them in our postings.military2

Foods: home baked cookies, brownies, (packed to travel, ex. Plastic)  homemade anything is in greatest demand (not fragile or will not last for that travel time), All flavors of granola bars, Luna bars, Cliff bars, etc.,  Fritos, packaged snack crackers, Crystal Light packets to add to water, mixed nuts

Other: Flushable baby wipes (“never seem to have enough of them”), Chap Stick

Thank you in advance on behalf of our military members.

Joan McManus

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