Hope United Methodist Church Re-Opening for Worship Announcement from Church Council

At our recent regularly scheduled meeting, the Hope United Methodist Church Council met to discuss the re-opening  for worship. It was an unanimous decision that we postpone the re-opening to the beginning of September at the earliest.  We, at Hope, have the utmost concern for the safety and well-being of our congregation, and out of love for God and for our neighbor, we have chosen to be as safe as we can be for our largely vulnerable population. In accordance with UMC conference guidelines we are not permitted to use fans for ventilation. With the approaching summer temperatures the sanctuary will be very uncomfortable for the next couple of months. The Church Council will continue to be vigilant in reviewing any changes to both denominational and state guidelines, during our scheduled on-line meetings. Please continue to attend and worship at our Sunday Facebook on-line services and on Thursdays for prayer – both at 10 am- (or view the services on our website – www.hopebelchertown.org, or local cable channel Sundays at 7 pm).  May God bless and keep you all safe.

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