Coronavirus and Hope UMC

A message from Pastor Joy:

My dear Hope family ,
We are living through a time like none of us has ever experienced and decisions are needing to be made at times very quickly.
The council meeting earlier this week never anticipated closings progressing this quickly. We have been in dialogue since yesterday afternoon and – trust me – this is a very hard decision!
So, Erica and I “counted the votes” and listened to opinions – and here’s what we best can hear for a decision:
Because it is nearing Sunday (ie tomorrow!) the church WILL still be open- we don’t want anyone to miss the communication and not get notified. No one will be sent away!  We will do a trial run of our Facebook livestream – and also tape for putting on the website. (And of course there is a service on BCTV Sunday eve (that will be the service from last Sunday with Bishop Devadhar)).
HOWEVER- my recommendation- and that of our District Superintendent- is that people do NOT come to church!!! Friends, I love each and every one of you. I know that the vast majority of our congregation is elderly and have an issue (or more) of compromised health. We need to take a couple weeks to let this all settle down. I really really do not want to hold funerals because I didn’t cancel church… please take care of yourselves!! If you have any one who is sick in any way in your home please do NOT come to church – do not go into public buildings – that is the advice Erica has gotten from hospice – both for you and your family and for the public’s health…

So- moving ahead – worship ONLY is ON for tomorrow – but NO other activities will be happening at church. For the two weeks following, there will NOT be a worship service to physically attend / only those who are administering the service will be at the building. We are working hard at making plans to have ongoing spiritual care for adults and youth – as well as addressing the multitude of physical concerns of public shut down. If you need anything at all please contact me!!!!! We are ready to help!

If you stay home tomorrow – and I do hope you will seriously consider doing that – go onto our Facebook page at 10 am and watch the service live!  For the next 2 weeks we will send you worship materials in advance so you can sing and pray  right along at home.

Let’s get through this as best we can – I am praying we will be back worshipping together as a WHOLE BODY by Easter.

One other note – Jack Moss has notified me that he and his family have decided to postpone Hatsumi’s memorial service until all of this settles down. Continue to hold them  in your prayers.

May God be with us all.
Pastor Joy

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