Advent Photo Challenge

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, WhatsApp, QQ, Tumbler, Google+, Skype, Messenger, Snap Chat, LinkedIn…. if this is part of your world, you have an opportunity this Advent and Christmas to spread the Word!

What’s Up?

Each Sunday in Advent there will be a theme and a hashtag for you to use.  You know the four themes already, right?  Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love of course.  Take pictures anytime that week where you experience the theme.  You see a person smiling, full of hope?  Ask them if you can take their picture and then when you post it, and this is the important part, tag it with #MoreHope. You see a beautiful scene that brings you joy, take a picture and tag it #MoreJoy.  You get it!

Each Advent week has a hashtag:  #MoreHope (Dec 3rd), #MorePeace (Dec 10th), #MoreJoy (Dec 17th), #MoreLove (Dec 24th) and there is another one… a special one you can use every week… #DoNotBeAfraid – that one is just like what the angel said to the Shepherds.  It’s all part of the overall theme of this Advent, “Angels Among Us” which BTW is another hashtag!… #AngelsAmongUs

So, SHARE the news by using your favorite social media tool.  Post a picture and add the hash tags (you can add more than one … #MoreJoy #DoNotBeAfraid #AngelsAmongUs).  Join a movement to share the love and joy of Christmas this Advent!

What if you have no clue what all this #HASHTAG stuff means but you want to join in?  That’s easy too, take your pictures and give, email, share, somehow get them to Alice Collins, she’ll post them for you!


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