Kitchen Upgrades

Due to several generous donations, the Trustees and Church Council have elected to move the kitchen up on the capital improvements priority list.  Undesignated Reserve and Memorial Funds will be combined with the individual donations to the Kitchen Fund.  We will be replacing the existing LP gas range and electric convection oven with NEW all-electric units.  LP gas will be removed entirely.  A new exhaust hood with fire suppression will be installed to meet current fire and building code. In addition, a new stainless steel sink with high rise rinse faucet will be installed.  Related upgrades to electrical and plumbing will be accomplished also. Other desired improvements such as a new floor, new ceiling, new countertops and a commercial grade dishwasher will be postponed until more money is available. Thank you to those who have made donations to the kitchen fund.  Improved efficiency and enhanced safety in our kitchen will be appreciated by all who use our facility.

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