Holy Land Pilgrims

After several flight cancellations and reschedulings, our group of Holy Land pilgrims, Pastor Aida, Cyndy, Dawn and Lois, boarded a plane late Wednesday evening.

We received a message from them on Friday letting us know that they had arrived in Israel and were already having a wonderful time.  Cyndy’s message is as follows:

“We have arrived in Israel….my message sent from Istanbul did not go through, sorry…

Enjoyed our day today…went to the Sea of Galilee for the boat ride with a worship service in Galilee.

The Jesus boatWe went to see the ancient boat!  The Jesus boat….over two thousand years old…

Moved on to Mount of Beatitudes before lunch.Mount of Beatitudes

From there we went to Tabgha…for the Church of Multiplication…loaves and fishes…where Jesus fed the Peter's Primacy5,000…and Church of the Primacy where Jesus had breakfast with the disciples…

Talk soon…moving on to Bethlehem tomorrow!”





February 2nd update:

The travelers report that they have been baptized in the Jordan river, have gone to see Herod’s tomb and spent time in Jerusalem. Cyndy commented on the many stray cats they saw in Jerusalem.  No one keeps a cat as a pet but they all feed the strays as the take care of the mouse and snake population.  They are tired buy having a wonderful trip.

Lois Jordan River copy

Lois being baptized in the Jordan River

Cats in Jerusalem copy

Some of the many stray cats in Jerusalem











February 4th update:

On their last day in Israel the pilgrims enjoyed lunch overlooking Jerusalem, a Palestinian dish, maqluba, an upside down chicken and rice dinner.

Dinner with friends

Dinner with friends


Lois sent the following message:

“Today is our last day in Israel. It is so sad to say good bye. I have laughed till I danced, but I have cried until I could find no tears left. One steady, I will never have the faith I had before…that would be impossible. This experience humbles faith until you realize there is a deeper space within, and on some levels, you never knew faith could bore a deeper space in you soul. 
But within the intensity, there was the let your hair down time…like swimming in the Dead Sea and the wonderful picnic we had today in a small area overlooking Jerusalem.” 


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