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Holy Week at Hope UMC

And what about YOU?  What are YOU searching for this Easter?

LOVE? – On Ash Wednesday, we celebrated God’s greatest gift of LOVE – may you especially know what it is to be loved by a strong and very good God! Come on Easter and hear the message of that love risen from the dead!  (Worship at the Quabbin Tower at 6:00 AM, and in our sanctuary at 10:00 AM.)

HEALING? – While we remember Jesus’ life and ministry to others, we have been learning to listen.  We listen to scriptures about Jesus healing others; we listen to God working deep into our souls.

COMFORT? – During Holy Week, we will remember those who stood all around Jesus and walked that final road with him.  Truly the crucifixion was a sorrowful time of life.  And yet they found comfort in being together – on the road, hiding in a room, going to the tomb.  May you find comfort in being a part of this church home.

LISTEN to God these next few weeks as we explore more ways to pray and be still before God.

LISTEN through Holy Week…. Palm Sunday morning as the choir leads us in the beginnings of the Passion Week, and as our young dancers and singers also lead us in worship that day. 

LISTEN through Maundy Thursday at a meal (6:00 PM) followed by communion.  Readings and music remembering the Way of the Cross (the Via Dolorosa) beginning on Thursday and carrying us through to the Crucifixion story on Good Friday (7:00 PM).

LISTEN as the birds begin to sing on Easter morning (up at the Quabbin Tower at 6:00 AM!!!) – and as we lift our voices too – in great celebration of the Risen Lord on April 1st…. perhaps the very greatest April fools ever – a man sealed in a tomb rises from the dead and walks among those left on earth around him once again!  Celebrate the Resurrection at 10:00 AM on Easter morning!

What are YOU searching for?  Come home to HOPE and experience the greatest news, the most powerful love, and the most amazing grace!

Pastor Joy

Holy Week Schedule:

Holy Thursday: 

6 PM Come and share in a light meal of soup and bread

6:45 PM Service of music and readings remembering the Way of the Cross

8:00 PM to 3:00 PM Friday, Prayer vigil in the sanctuary

Good Friday:

7:00 PM Service continuing to remember the Way of the Cross bringing us to the crucifixion

Easter Sunday:

6:00 AM Sunrise Service at the tower at the Quabbin Resevoir.

9:00 AM Sunday School classes

10:00 AM Resurrection Service in the sanctuary, come and celebrate that HE IS RISEN!



“Come and rest, come and listen.”

Please enjoy this preview of our theme for Lent at Hope UMC.

Ash Wednesday

There will be an Ash Wednesday service held in the sanctuary at 7 PM on February 14th.  Come and receive ashes and reflect on what the upcoming Lenten season will mean to you.

“You are dust, and to dust you shall return.”

Sunday Service – February 11, 2018


More Peace, 2nd Sunday of Advent, 2017


500th Anniversary of the Reformation

This Sunday marks the 500th anniversary of Reformation Sunday, remembering Martin Luther’s break with the Catholic Church of his day, and his posting of the “95 Theses” on the doors of the Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany.
Many Protestant churches have continued to branch off from Luther’s first branch, and will remember that historic event in worship this weekend.
All are invited to worship with us at Hope United Methodist Church on Main St in Belchertown at 10 am, as we share in a Luther Hymn Festival: “Through the Christian Year with Martin Luther.” Many hymns written by Martin Luther will be sung by soloists, choir, and congregation. Luther himself said, “Next to the Word of God, the noble art of music is the greatest treasure in the world!”
As we observe Reformation Sunday in a world torn and divided, it is with the prayer that we may continue to move towards unity and community, both in the church and in the world.
Join us this Sunday, or any Sunday at 10 am, at Hope United Methodist Church.
“Guided and empowered by the Holy Spirit, our mission is to know, experience, and share God’s love as shown to us in Jesus Christ.”