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Worship March 10, 2019

Enjoy our worship service from a snowy Sunday morning!

Worship March 3, 2019

Our beautiful worship and communion service this week to share with you…

Response to General Conference

The Church Council of Hope United Methodist Church would like to share this statement made in response to the outcome of the 2019 Special General Conference that took place February 23-26.

See below for an enlarged version of the text.

Worship February 24, 2019

Worship February 17, 2019

We thank Colleen Harris for another Sunday as our substitute organist. It’s always a pleasure to hear her play. Thank you as well to Lisa Patel for her lovely flute accompaniment and solo. This Sunday’s sermon deals with the upcoming issues surrounding the language in the United Methodist Book of Discipline. There will be a special General Conference held February 23-26th in St. Louis Missouri to try to resolve the denomination’s deadlock over how we treat members of the LBGTQ community who wish to be ordained as clergy or married in the church. If you are interested and would like to read more, there is a lot of information on the New England Annual Conference website .

If you are checking out our website for the first time, please know that this issue does not define us! Hope UMC is a loving, welcoming faith community working in mission and ministry in our world.

Pennies for Heifer

Penny Challenge Returns

Our annual Penny Challenge to support Heifer International returns this month and we sure hope that you have been saving your pennies over the past year!  The Sunday School is challenging the rest of the congregation so let’s have some fun while we do some good!

Here’s a reminder of how it works:  There will be two large jars in the back of the sanctuary, one for the Sunday School and one for “everyone else”.  Every penny in your team’s jar counts for a point.  Every silver coin and paper bill subtract points commensurate with their value.  So, put pennies in your own team’s jar and all your other change (and bills) in the opposing team’s jar.  Whoever has the most points at the end wins!

Of course, Heifer International, the Sunday School’s mission project is the big winner.  We have set a goal to raise $1,200 this year to purchase 10 goats.  We are focusing on learning about what is happening in northern Ghana and how Heifer is helping people there. Christiana Vanderpuije and her family will be helping us learn about their native country.

The challenge begins on February 17th and ends on March 3rd so get your pennies ready and let’s buy some goats!