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Worship Service January 14, 2018, Baptism of Christ

Week 2 of our Bread, Bath and Beyond series, the Baptism of Christ.

Worship January 7, 2018 Epiphany Sunday

Enjoy today’s Epiphany service.  If it was too cold for you to make it out for church today you may still bring in Epiphany gifts the next time you come.

There were some technical issues with the microphones at the beginning of the service but they are cleared up quickly!

Worship Dec. 31st 2017 #MoreLife

Enjoy our last service of 2017!….a fun carol sing included.  Happy and blessed new year to all!

Christmas Eve Family Service

We hope you enjoy the lovely Christmas Eve service that we had last evening.  This is the 7PM family service.  A beautiful service of candle lighting, dancing and a fun interactive Christmas story.

Fourth Sunday of Advent #MoreLove

Enjoy our Sunday morning worship for Christmas Eve, the 4th Sunday of Advent.  Hear about more love as the Shepherds hear from the angels.

Don’t let the light go out!


December 17, 2017 Third Sunday of Advent, #MoreJoy

A beautiful, joyful service for the third Sunday of Advent, including the baptism of sweet Harlow.