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Cancellation January 20, 2019

Hope family , 
After consulting (for a couple of days!) with church leadership , and after confirming one more time the weather forecast, we are going to cancel church tomorrow morning. The ice is just way too risky and we don’t want anyone hurt on the way or getting in and out of home or church. 
Please stay in and stay safe and warm. 
Might I suggest that tomorrow morning at 10 am, we all pause for prayer and a word of scripture – find a passage in the gospel of Matthew since we are working through that one together! I will be anxious to hear what God reveals to you… 
God be with you. Rest well
Pastor Joy

Worship January 13, 2019

Worship, Epiphany Sunday Jan. 6, 2019

Christmas Eve Service

Enjoy our Family Christmas Eve service featuring the Christmas story through the eyes of the animals and our Hope Liturgical dancers. Thank you all to participated to make it such a special evening.

Worship Dec 23rd – Hope

Enjoy our Fourth Sunday of Advent service. A message of Hope.

Christmas Eve Services

Join us for Christmas Eve to welcome the Christ child. There will be a family service at 6:00 PM with our Hope Liturgical dancers, music and the Christmas story (and a child safe candle lighting). At 10:00 PM we will have our traditional service of communion and candlelight with offerings from our choir.

The altar is ready, come!