The Cross in Barre, MA


On Saturday, April 12th, a few of us took a ride to The Cross in Barre.   This is such a peaceful and uplifting place.  Soon after arriving we made our way to the Lord’s table that is fashioned out of a large rock.  There, we 04celebrated communion, read scripture and sang together.  What a wonderful way to center ourselves and begin the spiritual journey of Holy Week.

After Mr Harty, The Cross’ creator showed us some video clips about the how and why of this special place, we spent some time wandering the grounds in awe of what Mr. Harty and his “helpers” have made there.  Knowing that it has all been created for the glory of God, many have been willing to donate materials and their time for the construction and upkeep of the site.  If you have not been there, we urge 10you to take some time to make the trip.  It will draw you in and bring you a sense of peace.

This was originally going to be a motorcycle ride for missions but it became evident that it was too early in the season for that.  We hope to reschedule that ride for this summer.  In the meantime, if you have the opportunity to go, The Cross can be found at 33 Harty Road, Barre, MA, a pleasant, 45 minute drive through the country from Belchertown.

Holy Week Journey, From Pain to Grace

Daily walk with the Lord

You are invited to come to church every day in the morning from 9:00 to 9:30 AM for prayer and communion.

bread and wine

The journey begins…

†Sunday-April 13  Palm/ Passion Sunday


10 AM  Palm/Passion Sunday: Join the choir and children’s processional with palms. Enjoy a light Palm Sunday luncheon after worship.

 Entering Bethseda

†Monday-April 14  Day of Fasting and Prayer

Have a quiet day at home or work meditating on the events that changed the world.



†Tuesday-April 15  Holy Land Presentation

7:00 PM  Watch a slide show and listen to the testimonies of our Holy Land Pilgrims.


†Wednesday-April 16  Lenten Study

6:00 PM Prayer Gathering

7:00 PM. Discussion of the “The Final Words from the Cross” by Adam Hamilton

mosaic above the stone of the annointing†Thursday- April 17       Maundy Thursday

 6:00PM. Agape Meal/Pot Luck Supper with Communion


7:00PM  Foot Washing & Stripping of the Altar.


8:00PM.  Prayer Vigil begins (church sanctuary remains open). People are welcome to sign up for specific hours during the 24 hour vigil. They may bring their bibles, a favorite devotional book, music selections, journal or light a candle.


† Friday-April 18           Good Friday

3:00PM.  Ringing of the bell commemorating Christ’s Life

             Prayer Vigil ends

7:00 PM. Worship – The Passion Story

Antonia Fortress, mosaic

†Saturday- April 19    Holy Saturday

9:30 Preparing Easter Baskets and delivering the Lenten food collection to the local pantries.


 †Sunday- April 20 Easter/ The Day Of Resurrection

 6 AM. Ecumenical Sunrise Service at the Quabbin Reservoir Tower

The Garden Tomb  

10 AM. Grand Easter Celebration Worship Service. Be inspired by uplifting music and our children’s choir. Experience a renewal of your baptism with water from the Jordan River.

The Garden Tomb

Stan Langford Memorial Mission Ride April 12th


In 2011, Stan Langford, a beloved member of our church who recently passed away took Pastor Aida on the ride of her life!  Pastor Aida had never ridden on a motorcycle and Stan invited her to take a ride with him to The Crosses in Barre, MA.  Pastor Aida took the dare (or invitation if you will) and asked members and friends of the church to sponsor her if she was willing to play the daredevil!  Several thousand dollars was raised that year for missions from the ride.

After Stan passed away suddenly this winter the suggestion was made to start an annual ride to The Crosses in his memory.  We think that Stan would love this idea and would also be proud if we could use the ride as a way to raise even more money to support the mission projects of the church.

All are invited to come on Saturday, April 12th and make the ride with us, either by motorcycle or by car.  If you would like to obtain sponsors to help raise mission money you can use this handy form to track your donations:


Meet at the church at 9:30 a.m. and bring a bag lunch to enjoy at The Crosses.  We hope you will join us and invite your friends and family to come too!


Commissioning of Visitation Communion Stewards

bread and wine

On Sunday, February 2nd, our team of Visitation Communion Stewards was commissioned for the upcoming year.  The team, led and coordinated by Deaconess Fay Flanary includes Certified Lay Minister George Button, Elaine Hubler, Jeff Hubler, Dawn Kresge, Ruth Keller, and Lucy Klein.  The team is trained to assist the pastor in visitation to our home bound and hospitalized members.  On the first Sunday of each month, members of the team bring and serve communion to these members.

We ask God’s blessings on this important ministry team.

Commissioning of Communion Stewards 2-2-14


Prayers for the Pilgrims to the Holy Land

Dear companions in Christ:

We are just a few short weeks away from Hope’s spiritual pilgrimage on February 25. We invite you to pray for the pilgrims as we prepare for a life changing journey.

Cyndy Hardaker, Alice Collins, Gail Pisacane, Debbie Ewing, Fay Flanary, Jean Chrones-Khun, Pat & Bill McClure and I have been engaged in a preparation study for the trip. We have explored the geography and demographics, the culture and history, the food, and the politics of Holy Landboth the ancient as well the modern world of Jesus’ home land. Cyndy Hardaker has become our in-house resident researcher, bringing fascinating videos about the Dead Sea Scrolls and Masada.

Please help us to meditate and be ready for the experience.  I wish we could all go but feel that we are going on your behalf, there may be other opportunities in the future for others to go on this spiritual journey. We are going to visit two places where we can bring your prayers written on a piece of paper or cloth; one is the place where Jesus had breakfast after the resurrection and the other is the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. Let us be your messengers to bring good tidings to our brothers and sisters in the Holy Land.

Wonder and awe

             Great expectation

                          Tireless anticipation

                                          Fill our hearts

                                                  And provoke our minds.

Holy Spirit guide

                With inspiration

                         Let the living stone

                                Of the genesis land

                                         Speak once more

                                                  The story of our Lord.


Blessings, Pastor Aida

Chocolate Extravaganza!


Saturday, January 18th from 12:00 to 4:00

A large variety of truffles and chocolate treats will be available for your selection and purchase….even sugar- free!  1,000 to choose from! Bring your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers!  Think ahead to to Valentine’s Day; wouldn’t your “someone special” be over the moon for some delicious truffles?  And we know you need some for yourself as a special treat!